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Oaklore is a 'Not for Profit' company,

 creating new woodlands in East Anglia by

Memorial Tree Planting.





 Our mission is to help to restore the native ecosystems. By doing so we provide opportunites to improve wildlife habitats, whilst creating a better, greener environment!




Oaklore's Pledge


Oaklore guarantees NO harvesting of the trees.

A free replacement tree should your tree be damaged or die.

An exact location of your tree, with the option of a plaque and message of your choice.

Provision for you to plant the tree.



We will only grow our saplings from seeds harvested from trees local to each new woodland area. By growing our own trees that are native to an area, we ensure that the new woodland attracts the range of plants, insects and wildlife to build up a strong ecosystem. This allows the new woodland to become self maintaining and over time will also act as a release site for local wildlife rescue centres. We do not use imported deciduous or coniferous trees as these do not support the range of insects and plant life necessary to encourage British birds and wildlife.




Contact us 

Telephone: 01206 298182 or  07518 069681




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Covering areas in Essex & Suffolk. 


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